No action on request to continue sludge removal

For the second straight meeting, a request to enter into a contract to remove all liquid lime sludge at the city’s Water Plant went without action from the council.
City Administrator Rick Childers pleaded with council members Wednesday night to accept a proposal from the company who is already removing half of the liquid sludge for $30,000. For less than $30,000, they will remove the other half of sludge and defer payment until next year’s budget in October.
“I would very strongly recommend the council take advantage of them being on site.”
Councilman Scott Marshall told council members that Rep. Bob Nance has set up a meeting in Jefferson City with someone from the Department of Natural Resources that can answer some questions concerning the sludge.
Councilman Dave Powell said the city will only save a minimal amount of money by doing the job now rather than call the company back later. Childers said bringing the company back later could cost more money but said he doesn’t know.
Also removed from the agenda was an ordinance to change grave marker regulations in the city-owned Memory Gardens Cemetery.
The ordinance would require all new grave headstones to be made of bronze and eliminate the use of marble and granite for headstones.
The request was made last month by Cemetery Board member Levan Thurman on behalf of the board. He told council members that the board believed the cemetery needed a more uniform look.
Childers told council members that he has consulted with city staff and they have reported that more than 40 percent of the markers in the cemetery now are either marble or granite.
He said from a maintenance standpoint it does not matter as far as mowing and trimming are concerned. He did say that the bronze headstones require some maintenance because of dulling over time.
Councilwoman Beverly Gorham said she spoke to many people in the public and the consensus was against the ordinance.
“I did not get a lot of positive input from them,” Gorham said.
Childers said the majority of orders in the last two or three years have been for granite or marble. The council decided to remove the ordinance from the agenda.

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