Commissioners still struggling with budget

After hours of pouring through requests and analyzing the numbers, Ray County Commissioners still do not have an answer for 2009’s budget.
Wednesday morning the commissioners continued to struggle to find a way to come up with an acceptable budget. Presiding Commissioner Jeff Adams said their only option is to not sign anything.
“The only hammer we have is to not sign it,” Adams said. “I’m not going to sign a budget that doesn’t work. It’s got to be something that gets us to the end of the year.”
Adams said they still need to trim $226,000 from the budget.
He said currently the county is operating under last year’s budget.
One hurdle for the commissioners is mandated pay raises for law enforcement, although some of those funds will be reimbursed through a fund set up from increased fees for services.
Eastern Commissioner Allen Dale is refusing to take a raise and has notified the state.
“It’s hard to take a pay raise when you don’t have any money,” Dale said.

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