Maintenance building next on improvment list

The city of Henrietta is hoping a new home for the maintenance department is in the near future.
The city received two bids on the costs of materials to construct the facility that would house the city’s maintenance department and much of the new equipment the city has recently purchased. Cost estimates have the building construction at about $15,000.
The board sent the bids back to get more specific information on materials and design.
Some improvements will have to be made to the ground and a structure will also have to be demolished. City Police Officer Chris George suggested removing a tree nearby that recently had a branch fall and crush a fence.
The city recently spent $15,000 on a 2005 Mahendra tractor with attachments.
The city also had a shed for the mower added to the list, however, City Clerk Margie Long said the new maintenance building should be big enough to house the mower.
The board voted Saturday to spend about $1,300 to insulate City Hall.
The city will also spend about $500 on welding equipment.
City Police Officer George O’Dell demonstrated the city’s new alcohol detection flashlight. The light costs about $700 and was loaned to the city to use by the Ray County Coalition. The flashlight samples air and can determine whether alcohol is present. O’Dell said DWIs cannot be issued with the device but can be an effective tool.
“It’s just an extension of our noses,” O’Dell said.
Next month’s meeting has been moved to March 14.

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