Hardin may pay off water tower

In an effort to put the city in a better position for help, the city may decide to pay off the city water tower early.
City Clerk Patty Lam said Monday night that the city will have the tower paid off by 2012.
Alderman Randy Estenbaum made the suggestion to the board after he reviewed the city’s savings.
Engineer John Brann with Ponzer and Youngquist performed a water study for the city in 2002.
Brann said at that time the city’s board decided that one of the reasons not to pursue shutting down the city’s water plant was because the city had received grant money for the plant and tower. Also the city still owes money on the plant.
Brann said another hurdle was the availability of a connection point. In 2002, Rural Water District No. 2 had a connection that was several miles west of town. Now the district has a connection just outside of the city.
Brann said the city would be more likely to get grant funding if they hooked on with Rural Water.
“It gets you high points on (Missouri Department of Natural Resources) [the] priority list when you regionalize,” Brann said.
Estenbaum said the city could save $6,000 a year over the next three years in interest.
The board will review the savings funds to determine the feasibility of paying off the plant and tower, but a consensus Monday night pointed in favor of the move.

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