Henrietta will turn focus to sewer problems

The city of Henrietta has found some help for their sewer problems.
After a more than hour-long closed session Saturday morning, the Board of Aldermen emerged with an approved deal with the city of Richmond.
Details of the agreement have not yet been released but the issue passed unanimously.
Henrietta officials approached Richmond City Administrator Rick Childers in November after a heavy October rain cost the city more than $10,000 in one day just in stormwater infiltration into the city’s sewer system.
The city’s sewer fund was completely depleted by August of last year and needed a $30,000 injection just to keep paying the bills through the end of the year.
Henrietta City Clerk Margie Long has indicated that she expects the city to cash in the rest of its $30,000 in savings to maintain the sewer fund.
What is known is the deal will provide some kind of reduced rate for Henrietta in exchange for assurances the city will spend the savings on infiltration issues.
Long said infiltration issues need to be addressed soon.
“We need to get that under control before the spring rains,” she said.
In prioritizing projects to spend money from the city’s capital improvement fund, $12,000 has been earmarked for infiltration issues.
The first task will be to identify all of the city’s manholes and then seal them from stormwater runoff.
Richmond is taking a trade off by reducing future revenue from a more efficient Henrietta system. But, it will also help relieve an already stressed South Waste Water Treatment Plant.
Richmond should make up the revenue from providing Henrietta with water.
The board tabled the contract with Richmond in order to get more information from their lawyers. Long said she hoped to have a deal ready for the board to approve by next month’s meeting.

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