County strikes deal to house Carroll County prisoners

Ray County Jail in Henrietta will soon be home to Carroll County prisoners.
Beginning March 1, Carroll County will start sending their prisoners to Ray County. Ray County Presiding Commissioner Jeff Adams said discussions with Carroll County began in December, shortly after Carroll County Sheriff Troy Hofstetter took office.
Carroll County Presiding Commissioner Nelson Heil said looking at lower costs with the jail has been something that has been discussed for a long time and expects this agreement will be evaluated next year.
“This may or may not be a long-term thing. We’re not sure yet,” he said. “We’ll see how it works out.”
Adams said the county expects to receive about nine to 20 additional prisoners a month with the deal. Adams said projections have about $115,000 coming into the jail as a result of the agreement.
Commissioner Allen Dale said the county also looked at other options for their prisoners as well but found out it will cost nearly $450,000 a year to house prisoners at another facility.
Carroll County is paying the jail $30 a day for male prisoners and $35 a day for female prisoners.
Dale said the county has staff to run the jail at about 100 prisoners. He expects that to be the average with the agreement but the jail can house up to 200 prisoners. He said the jail is budgeted to break even but adjustments will be made if the agreement doesn’t live up to expectations.
“If we drop below that, we’ll have to adjust our staff,” Dale said.
In September the jail also agreed to start housing one Henrietta prisoner a month.
A report in the Carrollton Democrat on Friday Feb. 20 said that Carrollton Police Chief Donnie King also wanted to work out an agreement with Ray County to house their prisoners since the Carroll County Jail is closing. He told the Democrat that Ray County Sheriff Sam Clemens was to meet with him but the meeting never happened.

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