Stroke screenings coming to Richmond

With American’s looking for ways to reduce healthcare costs and practice more prevention, one aid is coming back to Richmond.
Stroke Detection Plus will make its first visit this year to Richmond March 10.
According to Wellness Coordinator Gina Richmond, this will be the fourth year the company has paid a visit to the city. She said over the last three years the company has screened about 200 area residents.
The company performs four tests right on site including stroke, abdominal aortic aneurysm, peripheral vascular disease and osteoporosis.
Richmond said those who fall under the company’s risk factors should have a screening done. Most factors are associated with being over 40 and lack of exercise and poor diet.
Richmond said patients would receive a verbal assessment on site unless the test reveals a severe problem at which time they refer them to their doctor. She said otherwise the tests are sent to the company’s doctor and a written result will be mailed within 10 days that can be taken to a patient’s doctor.
Richmond said in the past three years the company has found six major cases of blockage in the Carotid Arteries.
Richmond said preventive screenings not only save lives, but they can also prevent a patient from suffering a disability from a stroke. She said it’s also the trend in medicine these days.
“This is the way our society has started going and it’s a great way to do preventative proactive maintenance on your body,” she said. “We all do maintenance on our car. We need to start doing this on our body.”
Richmond said the first question they hear is, ‘Why can’t I just go to my doctor and do this?’ She said, because of insurance restrictions, the same tests would cost $500 to $700 at the hospital.
“It’s not that your medical doctor doesn’t want to do the medical screenings,” she said. “They can’t run any test without warning sign symptoms because insurance won’t pay for it. Insurance companies really put a tight hold on what we can and cannot do.”
Screenings will take place at Bank Midwest in Richmond. Cost is $40 for one test or $120 for all four. For more information call toll free at 1-877-732-8258 or visit

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