Orrick Police Chief Sims to head new DWI task force unit

Last Thursday, Feb. 5, the Orrick City Council met in regular session with a special announcment by Orrick Police Chief Troy Sims.
Sims announced he has been named the Chief of the DWI Task Force. The state has offered a grant that will pay for a sobriety checkpoint.
The city will pay time-and-a-half for this task force, and will be reimbursed by the state grant.
Police Chief Sims also stated that the police department is in need of a new laptop computer. The council directed Sims to get three bids for the new computer.
Sims gave the police report which included 13 calls for service, two domestic disturbances, and four DWI’s.
In other actions:
• Public Works Director Ed Sherwood presented his report to the council which included 19 shut-offs for non payment. He reported that the leak at the school has been fixed.
• Discussions turned toward a water leak at 304 E. Elm.  The previous renter of this bank-repossessed house had moved without contacting the city, therefore leaving the water connected. Due to a subsequent water leak at the residence, there was water damage and water loss.
• Also discussed was the need for a new roll roof on the public waterworks building.  Sherwood was told to get three bids for the roof repair.
• The council also discussed marking and patching of Orrick streets. It was decided roads must be reviewed and approved prior to signing off on the job completion.
• City Clerk Hensley gave a report on engineering services for drainage. The city is attempting to get an engineering bid for a stormwater study. The city needs a drainage grant, and they cannot obtain the grant without an engineering report. The engineering report is expensive, and the city feels the cost is too high at this time. After discussion, the council decided to obtain a drainage report from the school and the American Wilcon Plastic Factory in Orrick, both of which have recently had work completed and would have current drainage reports for the city. The grant is due May 1.
• Bill Hall, city collector, gave a report on delinquent taxes that have yet to be paid.
• Resident Paul Sherrill addressed the council with a request. He requested an extension on having his unlicensed vehicle licensed as he is in the process of fixing the vehicle. The council voted to allow this, but he must have it licensed within 60 days.
• The Council then voted to go into closed session.
• Those in attendance were: Council members Jim Eubank, Zoe Davis, Steve Tietsort, and Christie McGlothlin. Police Chief Troy Sims, Public Works Director Ed Sherwood, City Attorney Kevin Baldwin, Mayor Shirley Taylor and City Clerk Jeanette Hensley were also in attendance.

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