Power Surge

The church has lost much of its power today. Why? The question is not an easy one to answer. The methods and strategies that were effective even 10 years ago may not work today. How can the church once again capture the Power Surge it once possessed?
Jesus, before he left this world, commissioned his Church to do one thing. Make disciples! Matthew 28:19-20 reads, “go therefore and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you.” Christ did not commission His church to make members, which adhere to a certain tradition. He called His disciples to live an empowered and transformed life through His Holy Spirit. His disciples were propelled into the world to engage it with love and conviction.
The Church needs to get back to the basics of holding its attendees to higher standards of living. We can’t be afraid of losing members. The Church will become ineffective if Pastors and Church Leaders worry about offending their members. All Christians, be them pastors, preachers, or average Sunday Morning attendees, must practice six fundamental disciplines to become a Power Surge for Christ.
Practice Number One: Daily Prayer
Practice Number Two: Weekly Worship
Practice Number Three: Daily Bible Reading
Practice Number Four: Service
Practice Number Five: Spiritual Friendships
Practice Number Six: Giving
The first three practices are so basic we sometimes forget about their importance in our spiritual health. We get so busy in our daily activities we tell ourselves: I’ll read my Bible and pray before I go to bed, but we are so tired we forget. We tell ourselves: this week I’ll go to Sunday morning service, but the car breaks down or we stay up too late on Saturday night. Daily prayer time, weekly worship, and daily Bible reading are the backbone of our relationship with Christ. If a husband and wife never talk, their relationship will struggle and eventually die. If we never give time to pray, our relationship with our Lord will die. Coming together as believers is critical as the writer of Hebrews stresses, “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another.” (Hebrew 10:25) We receive encouragement from meeting with individuals who share our outlook in life.
The last three practices could be viewed as optional. The truth is that service, spiritual friendships, and giving are vital to our spiritual health. We are to engage the world in Christian love through acts of compassion. Many times this service must be sacrificial, like giving up a night a week to help an adult who struggles in reading or with GED tutoring. Having the right friends are important, especially for students. We need to encourage our children to look for wise friendships. Parents, we need to take heed of Paul’s counsel, “Bad company corrupts good character.” (1 Corinthians15:33) Habitually giving to the Church may be the hardest practice of them all. We all know that times are tough. The tight economy may have affected some in our community, but God calls us to remain faithful to His Word despite what the Media tells us. Be faithful in your giving and God will be faithful in your provision.
Do you want a Power Surge in your spiritual life? Then begin to practice these six fundamental spiritual disciplines: daily prayer, weekly worship, daily Bible reading, service, spiritual friendships, and giving and God will begin to give you power to live a vibrant Christian life!

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