City considers changing marker regulations at city cemetery

City cemetery board members want some continuity in the cemetery and they are asking the city for help.
Currently, grave marker regulations for the city require only flat markers made out of marble, bronze, granite or other pre-approved materials are permitted. Cemetery Board Member Levan Thurman spoke to the City Ordinance Committee on behalf of the board on Monday night to give a recommendation.
Thurman said the board suggested striking marble and granite from the ordinance and only allow bronze markers. The main reason the board wants the change is for uniformity throughout the cemetery. City Administrator Rick Childers said most of the markers in the cemetery are bronze but there are a handful that are made from granite. The ordinance requires that a marker be placed on a granite or concrete foundation.
City Councilmen Scott Spiers and Tom Williams had concerns about the increased cost. Some bronze markers could increase the total cost by more than $1,000.
“The way the economy is now a family is trying to get it for as little as possible,” Spiers said. “All of the costs involved is my concern.”
Others brought up the fact that there is no uniformity with the base of the markers and there are already markers in place.
“From a uniformity standpoint we’ve already missed,” Childers said.
Committee Chairwoman Beverly Gorham said she did not feel comfortable making a recommendation to the council without hearing from the public on the matter.
The issue will appear on the council’s next agenda Feb. 11 for discussion. Cemetery board members will be there to answer any questions.

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