Hardin still dealing with iron problems in water system

Another month goes by and the small city of Hardin is still facing problems with its water system.
At last month’s regular Board of Aldermen meeting, Public Works Director Larry Eastley said he is still having problems with the iron content in the water. Eastley said recently he has flushed the system out three times, but is still getting brown water.
Eastley said after running tests the city is running in the 0.22 to 0.24 parts per million range. He said the limit is 0.3 parts per million.
“I can’t keep it running that high on iron. People are complaining,” he said.
Eastley said the school has also been complaining about the hardness of the water.
He said the city’s first media-filter system has not been replaced since 1992 and is past due.
“That’s 17 years it’s been in there,” Eastley said. “That’s past its useful life.”
He said if the city doesn’t hook on with rural water the system along, with many other parts, will need to be replaced.
The city has been in discussions with Ray County Rural Water District No. 2 about supplying the city with water rather than spending thousands of dollars up-grading and fixing the system.
Eastley told the board they might want to consider moving quickly on a deal because Rural Water is limited in the amount of water they can provide. He said another building addition in the city could derail an agreement.
In addition, Eastley told the board that 25 to 30 percent of the city’s fire hydrants also need replacing.
Mayor Bob McCorkendale told the board that he submitted more than $3 million in projects to the Mid America Regional Council for a list that is being compiled for possible stimulus projects.
“If we could get a crumb of that money it would be something,” McCorkendale said.
The city now has a new Web site. The city recently launched the site at
City Clerk Patty Lam said updates and calendar events would be on the site in addition to news such as boil orders or warnings for when Eastley flushes out the water system.

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