Snoftball game this Saturday in Richmond

It’s the Richmond High School faculty versus the RHS Student Council in the first ever “Snoftball” game on Saturday afternoon, at 1:30 p.m., at the Lady Spartan Softball Field in Richmond.
RHS track coach Bruce Scovill described “Snoftball” as ‘softball in the snow.’ Though temperatures are expected to be somewhat warmer than snow can bear, the fun will be just as plentiful.
“The game is being played to raise money and/or food donations for the school district’s Backpack Program, to help feed children in the district whose families are struggling to make end’s meet during these trying economic times,” said Scovill.
The Backpack Program was first introduced last spring when educators in the district learned the extent that hunger was affecting students. The program is not funded by the district, but relies on various fundraising activities and donations from several churches and other groups.
“Anyone wishing to contribute to this cause is encouraged to come by the ballpark and drop off a donation and watch some or all of the game too,” Scovill said. “We’ve put this together on short notice this year, but hope to have the event a bit better organized next year.”
With some pre-game bantering, Scovill said several faculty members that want to play have prior obligations and that should give the STUCO “a chance to compete this year.”
Scovill said he competed with a team in the Main Street Snoftball Game in Kansas City 20 years ago and it was successful, raising ‘several thousand dollars for a couple of local charities’ there.
“Ideally, this coming Saturday, we will have a few inches of show to play in,” Scovill said. “If it is sunny and 50 degrees, then that will be fine too. Please come out and help out the kids of Richmond. The game is free.”

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