Assault charges filed against Hardin man

A Hardin man will face charges for an accident that occurred last September that left one man critically injured.
James D. Eaton of Hardin has been charged with second degree assault, a class C felony, and driving while intoxicated.
Dustin K. McIntosh, of Richmond, had to be life flighted to Center Point Hospital in Independence on Sept. 23, 2008 after Eaton, who was driving a 1999 Kenworth grain truck, alledgedly crashed into McIntosh in his Ford pick-up on Long Lake Road about one-half mile south of Highway 10.
Both vehicles crashed into the ditch and it took rescue workers 45 minutes to extricate McIntosh from his truck. McIntosh sustained multiple fractures to his left leg and a crushed pelvis. Eaton walked away from the accident.
Eaton was arrested this past weekend, after another car crash in Carroll County last Friday night that seriously injured one Richmond teenager and sent two others to the hospital with injuries. Eaton, who is listed as the driver of the vehicle in the Missouri Highway Patrol Crash report, reportedly fled from the scene with another passenger after the car caught on fire.
Eaton will face arraignment next Tuesday, Jan. 27, in the Ray County Circuit Court. Among Eaton’s past convictions are driving while intoxicated, distributing marijuana and twice for driving without a license.

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