Four lane access to Kansas City in future transportation plans

A four-lane highway to Kansas City is in the works, but Ray County’s portion might take a while.
According to Missouri Department of Transportation officials, the department already owns the right of way to construct two additional lanes of Highway 210 through Ray County but said funding is an issue.
However, a portion of Highway 210 through Clay County will see construction begin this year on two additional lanes when economic stimulus funds are made available to MoDOT.
Last month, MoDOT released a list of 34 projects statewide that would be part of MoDOT’s Phase I plans to spend any economic stimulus money it receives. The projects would total $510 million and would create about 14,000 jobs according to MoDOT.
One of the projects would widen Highway 210 from Eldon Road, near the Ameristar Casino, to Highway 291. Commuters to and from Kansas City are often bottled up in that corridor of the highway due to the high number of semi-trailer trucks in the area. In the area a vast cave system houses many companies, a FedEx hub station and a rail car transfer center in addition to other businesses.
MoDOT says the project will cost about $32 million.
Another $60 million will be committed to rural lettered and numbered highways, according to MoDOT. Included in the list are four routes in Ray County that will be up for resurfacing using a technique that recycles the pavement already in place.
MoDOT area engineer Damian Geyer told Ray County Commissioners last week that a method called cold-in-place will be used to resurface the routes.
Geyer said the process begins by milling and grinding the top two inches of the pavement. Then a crew comes back over the milled area with what Geyer called a chip seal that is blended with the milled pavement and then resealed.
“It’s a real economical way to handle roads less traveled,” Geyer said.
Geyer said MoDOT has already experimented with the method on rural roads near St. Joseph with success.
The four routes include Route C from Route U to Route M; from Highway 10 to Rayville on Route U; Route O and Route M from Highway 10 to Route D.
Geyer said MoDOT would set up a central operation area probably somewhere on Route C.

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