City may change meeting nights to Tuesday

Richmond City Council meetings may become a little more crowded in the future if city leaders decide to meet on Tuesdays.
The city’s previous Mayor Tom Morman changed meeting nights for the Richmond City Council to Wednesday nights, a move that was not popular with local churches.
Many churches hold services or functions on Wednesday nights, and are not able to attend the meetings.
Mayor Lance Green told the council last week, at the city’s regular meeting, that he wanted them to think about changing the format of the meetings to just one formal meeting a month. The second meeting of the month would become a work session.
Councilwoman Beverly Gorham said she has received feedback that meetings would be attended more often if a change was made. No action was taken on the issue.
Residents wanting to take action against a neighbor for nuisance violations may no longer have to sign their name to a complaint form. The city council is considering changing the policy that was enacted last March.
The Downtown Revitalization Block Grant has been closed out successfully. City Administrator Rick Childers told the council the parking lot on the corner of College and North Main streets was included in the grant, however striping was not. Childers also said the Ray County Historical Society will put a marker in the parking lot for Alexander Doniphan.
Childers said the city will focus on water line and sewer line replacements for the next block grant.
The final phase of the stormwater study the city has been working on is almost complete, and another meeting with residents of the Deer Ridge area will be scheduled for the end of this month.
Three different engineering firms will make presentations to the city council for extensive upgrades and expansion of the South Wastewater Plant.
Initial estimates have the project costing around $6 million.
Preliminary work has begun on the city’s pool to fix problems with the plumbing. It was discovered last year that the pool had a signifigant leak somewhere. Childers said the city has identified the leak with the pool’s slide draining system.

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