Marriage conference offers insight

The family unit is central to our society, yet as many will note, the sacred unit is taking a beating. Now, more than ever, it’s time for husbands and wives, mothers and fathers to reunite in love and purpose and restore the family, according to Lindy Anne Johnson.
This begins with the marriage itself. As the marriage is strengthened, so is the family.
To help with this goal, the community is invited to Marriage Conference 2009, “No Partner Left Behind: Changing Lives One Marriage at a Time.” The free event, hosted by Happy Home Ministries, will be Saturday, Jan. 31 from 1 to 8 p.m. at the Farris Theatre in Richmond. There will be a 15-minute break and, later, a one-and-a-half-hour dinner break before going into the final part of the conference. Participants may come and go from the presentation as desired.
A special showing of the movie, “Fireproof,” will be featured. The two-hour 11-minute movie has received glowing reviews, described as “gripping,” and “action-packed.” There will also be several speakers, skits, music and more. An itinerary will be published in the Tuesday, Jan. 27 edition of The Daily News to provide more information.
Neil and LindyAnne Johnson of Family Home Ministries have made their relationship and their family the main priority in their lives and want to share this passion with others.
“My parents will be married 40 years on Feb. 1, and although they were not always the perfect parents, they taught me so much about commitment. They weathered the storms that come to every marriage together and have remained together all of these years. We made being together a family priority. I know we have heard it said that the family unit does not gather around the table anymore. The fact of the matter is that it [gathering around the table and being together as a family] played a huge [emphasized] role in who I am, my character, and my passion for Family Life,” said LindyAnne.
Sharing what she has learned as a wife and mother, and concerned the family unit is falling to the wayside as other interests dominant the lives of many, she looks forward to the seven hour conference.
“My marriage requires me to put myself aside on a daily basis and serve the needs of my husband and family. The world tells us that we need to ‘just be happy,’ no matter what it takes or whatever the cost. That is nothing but a lie. Marriage is not always happy, comfortable and perfect. Marriage is hard; it is work, it is selfless, it is wonderful when we are able to give instead of take, take, take. Marriage is not all about me; it is about the needs of others…my husband and children.
“The family unit is being torn down and ripped apart by so many things that we have let creep in and destroy our homes and the love that should reside within them. My heart hurts when I hear of this divorce and that divorce. I ache for the people in those relationships…more often than not the root of the destruction of that home is pure selfishness and lust for more in life. I have a passion to restore the homes here in Richmond, and all over the U.S., to loving homes where children are secure, where relationships are built on rock instead of sand, where husbands and wives are seen together instead of apart and where family life consists of dinners together, games, vacations, and most importantly, family life is made the priority in life,” LindyAnne said.
This marriage conference is for everyone in a relationship. It’s about priorities and nurturing your relationship. It’s about caring for your spouse and family. It would be a wonderful asset for those contemplating marriage, or those that are strained and perhaps considering divorce.
“If you have the best marriage in town, or one that needs a little encouragement, or maybe you are the one who needs a full restoration…come to the Farris Theatre on Jan. 31, and make your marriage a priority,” LindyAnne said. “Single, married, or engaged, all are welcome and will benefit in a positive way. We are praying for you, and would be so blessed to have a part in making your home a Happy Home.”

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