Bottled water symbol of new century

Over the years there have been items and/or events that have made indelible marks upon a period of time. Usually these periods of time were short, but some extend into years and even decades. The 1960s have been called the “individual freedom” decade.
Those years seemed to be the time that a person could express whatever inhibitions in public, openly, without being criticized or not even wind up in jail.
The years of the seventies and eighties were given the name as the “me first” generation. During this period, in which most of my generation was busy trying to earn a living, many of our children were demanding their own good things of life, even when the parents could not afford them. This effort of parents to keep peace in the home often gave in to the demands of their children. This effort added to the lessening of character strength in that generation and was probably the beginning of the bad financial situation we find ourselves in today.
The 1990s I think have become the “Science” year, the year in which we, as a people, became aware that we were destroying the wonderful gift we had been mistreating all these years. Green was found to be a beautiful color. Green, as in nature, was found to be fading into distasteful gray. Much of this was due to our overuse of the good and also the bad bounty of this earth.
Whatever the cause, people became susceptible to the spurious and untrue science dispensed with the aim of convincing customers to buy products said to be better for you. All of this in the name of better science. This type of science unfortunately was applied to drinking water.
Having been deeply involved in the production of clean safe public drinking water supplies, I was deeply insulted by the claims that public water was unfit for the public to use. In the 1960s a group of concerned people began a campaign to have the treatment of drinking water and also wastewater be controlled by the states. Even before the days of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency private citizens were working to make drinking water safe for the general public. Regulations to do this have been in place for over forty years and are continually being updated.
The amount of money spent because of the greed evidenced by the bad science dispensed by the sellers of bottled water is a crime. The people that fell for this propaganda spent their hard-earned money foolishly. Our population for several years have taken the easy road. We all seem to feel that we are entitled to whatever it is we desire. We continue to go into debt to scratch this itch. Our children see this attitude in us; they know how to manipulate us. If we are to survive as a viable society, we must return to an attitude of serious consideration of what is best for ourselves and our offspring. This simply means that we the people must once again treat all on earth as part of a family. WE are all family, whether you believe we were created or came up through the animal ranks. Black, white, yellow, red or brown, we all have the same human weaknesses. WE all have character that must be strengthened as we age. Character is the trait that forces us to be better than we are.
Bottled water may seem a very small item to you, but it is a very strong marker of the weakness of our desire to be like everyone else. Even though we are all of human vintage, we all possess individual talents. The use of bottled water has diminished, but the use of the talents and strengths we all have as individuals must be pushed to the front if we wish a better life for ourselves and our offspring. It is not up to our government to care for us, but it is up to us to see that our government carries out its responsibility to see that the laws and rules of our country are properly enforced.

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