Charges dropped against wife and friend of man accused of incest

Charges have been dropped against the wife of a Richmond man accused of incest.
Kimberly Potter, the wife of Rodney Williams, will not face felony charges of tampering with a witness. Ray County prosecutors decided to drop the charges, after another defendant in the case Bruce Higgins’ charges were dismissed by Associate Judge David Busch.
Higgins was also charged with tampering with a witness when he hosted two of Williams’ daughters at what he called a church group meeting that focused on forgiving. Higgins also called the prosecutor’s office to inquire about charges being dropped against Williams. Ray County Prosecutor Jim Thompson said that Busch did not think that was enough to constitute tampering. Thompson said, with that decision, his office decided to drop the charges against Potter. She was accused of picking Williams’ three daughters up, two of whom are victims, from a foster-guardians’ house and delivering them to Higgins’ house.
Potter was scheduled for a jury trial later this month.
Williams is accused of having sexual intercourse with two of his daughters while impregnating one of them. Both were over the age of 18 when the alleged crimes occurred.
Williams has pled not guilty to the charges and faces a jury trial Feb. 23.

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