Cold weather does not stop projects and planning from moving foward

It may be cold and dead outside in the parks, but things are still cooking when it comes to plans and construction with the Richmond Park Board.
The board received its first substantial sales tax payment of $16,000 last month and made the first payment on a $225,000 loan that was used to jump-start and finish some projects the board saw as urgent.
The city’s bark park is complete and the board continues to take suggestions on a name for the park. The board will accept suggestions until Feb. 1 and a winner will be announced at the board’s first meeting in February.
Originally, the park was supposed to have a double gate system, but only has a single gate. Board member Mark Sowder said a mechanism would be installed so the gates shut on their own. A reminder on the rule sign tells users to enter and exit quickly. Sowder said he contacted the cities of Lee’s Summit and Columbia and both said they have had no problems with single gates.
The city’s new tennis courts in Maurice Roberts Park are also nearing completion. Park Superintendent Terry Dickey said the contractor is just waiting for temperatures to rise into the 40s to pour the top layer of asphalt, then the fence meshing would be installed. The courts are expected to be finished in time for tennis season.
In other actions:
• The city has identified a water leak that appeared to be coming from Maurice Roberts Park. City Administrator Rick Childers said all of the water is shut off to the park so the leak has to be coming from somewhere else. He said if you dig in the east ditch of Clark Street, the hole will fill up with water and it does test for chlorine. His guess is there may be a fiber optic line running along Clark Street that a leak uphill has caught on.
• The board approved spending $309 on the printing cost for a Recreation Department brochure. The Recreation Department will pick up the cost of mailing the brochure to 2,600 households in Richmond.
“I really think advertising would help our programs get more numbers,” Recreation Director Haley Morrissey said.
• The board approved the purchase of about $1,000 worth of gravel for the roads in Maurice Roberts Park and Cevie Due Park. Dickey said heavy rains combined with snow and ice have washed away some of the roadway in the parks and have caused potholes. Dickey said some park goers have started using the grass as a pathway.
• Childers told the board that the city might have found the leak coming from the city’s swimming pool. Childers said the leak appears to be coming from the drain and pump that operates the slide in the pool. He said if that is the case, the city will not need to dig up a significant part of the pool as first expected.
• Some board members will be working diligently today and tomorrow trying to get together project proposals to the Mid-America Regional Council. MARC is accepting projects to present to Congress for a possible public works stimulus package.

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