Dirty water causing more problems for Hardin’s system

Hardin City Council discussed the town’s continuing water woes at their Dec. 19 monthly meeting.
Public Works Director Larry Eastley said a few households were experiencing brown water running from their faucets. Eastley said his department flushed hydrants for an hour to clear lines. He brought a jar of water with the finished results – a slight discoloration remained.
“It’s gotta be the lines,” Eastley told the council. He said that Missouri Rural Water recommends that they flush lines monthly, and that his department would set up a schedule to do so.
He also told the aldermen that Well #3 was pumping water onto the ground, due to a pressure relief valve.
Eastley said if Hardin can get hooked to the rural water district system, he felt they could receive grants to alleviate the cost to fix their problems.
The council asked if the problem lines, which are dead-end lines, could be looped. Eastley thought it would be a difficult engineering project, considering they would have to dig under train tracks or through two backyards on North Street. He also told the council that DNR recommended the city get an engineering report and analysis done on their current water system.
Mayor Bob McCorkendale recommended to the council to speak with other local communities, such as Orrick, who have gone through this process with DNR and see how they got it done.
Eastley estimated it would take six months for Hardin to get hooked up to PWSD #2 rural water district lines.
The ongoing discussions of a proposed RV park in the city limits of Hardin shifted to the cost of 10 separate water and sewer line hook-ups. Hardin resident Jason Raasch is trying to get approval to build a 10-unit, two-acre RV park in the East main and 8th Street area of town. Raasch initially asked for a council vote on his park. Mayor McCorkendale said they could not vote, because they have not been presented a site plan.
Raasch said he did present a plan three months ago, but aldermen countered that it was not a detailed document, as requested. Raasch said there are many variables in constructing the RV park that couldn’t be guaranteed on a site plan.
“We don’t know how deep the sewer lines will be,” Raasch said. “Like any underground digging, you really don’t know what’s down there.”
Raasch also told the council that the permits and hook-ups for 10 independent water and sewer lines was too pricy.
“I don’t think it’s fair to pay $12,000 for fees – $5,000 for just water [permits],” he said. “It’s pricing me out of the ballpark.”
Alderman Colin Chang said the council could look at variances for individual costs for the project. The aldermen also said they would have a special session to consider these options, and wanted to wait until Alderman Aaron Summers could attend that meeting.
“We’re starting to have a little more give-and-take,” Chang said. “Do I speak for myself or what?” The council agreed.
In other business:
• The aldermen approved the bid from David Minnick Construction of Richmond for replacement of the City Hall roof. The current roof leaks. The cost of $10,400 would pay for the roof, along with a new sheetrock ceiling in the fire department area. Insurance will cover $10,000 of the price.
• Emergency Management Agency Floodplain Management Officer Dale Schmutzler has requested a certified elevation report on the floor and walls of the construction of the new Hardin Fire Station. Schmutzler will send that information to FEMA for a ruling.
• The council unanimously approved a new 800-pound capacity rock salt spreader for city roads. The cost was $1,156.
• The Letzig Group of Richmond was awarded the bid for insurance for the city of Hardin. The insurance, under Missouri Rural, covers liability, property and auto at cost of $10,034 per year, $4,000 less than last year’s price.
• Hardin police officer and sheriff’s deputy Ted Kuhlman gave the police report. Seven people were charged with property damage under city ordinance 469. Kuhlman said the city’s UCR and racial profiling has been updated. City police gave two warnings and two citations during November’s “click it or ticket it” day. Kuhlman also said there were some boat trailers along roadways that were not licensed. He would look at city ordinances and further investigate for violations.
The next Hardin City Council meeting will be at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 20.

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