Young girl’s quick actions saved her mother’s life

Most five-year-olds don’t face the critical decision of whether to call 911 or not, but Samantha Osborn of Lawson found herself in that very predicament on July 16, 2005 when her mother had a seizure.
With only a younger cousin in the house at the time, Samantha knew exactly what to do.
“My mom, one time she told me not to call 911 until I saw blood. She fell on me and hurt me,” said Samantha, now eight-years-old.
Samantha’s mother, Michelle, started having seizures in 2004. When the incident happened, it was just her sixth seizure. Samantha didn’t hesitate to make the call and found a calm operator on the line ready to assist.
“He asked me if there was anyone else there besides me,” said Samantha. She said her daddy was at work and when he asked how old she was she told him she was getting ready to start kindergarten.
“I told him there was blood coming from Mom’s mouth,” Samantha continued. The young child was not seriously injured when her mother fell, knocking her to the floor.
Michelle praised the dispatcher. “He had to go the extra mile. She couldn’t get the front door open, so he had her go to the back door to let the EMTs in.”
Samantha made the call with confidence. “Mom taught me how to do it after she found out she had seizures,” she said.
“As soon as she was able to identify the numbers, I taught her how to dial it,” Michelle replied.
The little hero has appeared on Live and Direct with Rita Cosby and on the Channel 9 News. Samantha received a certificate from Ray County 911 and additional awards from Sonic and Lawson Bank.
The certificate reads “In recognition of a small child’s ability to remain calm and call 911 that resulted in saving a life,” and is signed by Scott Enss, County 911 Director.
Photo: Samantha Osborn, center, pictured with her mother, Michelle, was presented with a 911 Hero certificate by Ray County 911 Director Scott Enss last week. (Photo by Brenda Jensen/The Daily News)

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