Richmond man pleads guilty to sexual misconduct

A Richmond man who is awaiting a court date on felony statutory sodomy and child molestation charges has pled guilty to a misdemeanor sexual misconduct charge.
David Hendricks withdrew his plea of not guilty yesterday and received a 90-day sentence in jail.
Richmond Police officers were called to a house on a disturbance call on June 29, where several individuals were threatening harm to Hendricks, according to the affidavit of probable cause statement.
The crowd was angry because Hendricks had stuck his hand up a female’s skirt at a barbeque.
Hendricks is currently in custody awaiting six felony statutory sodomy charges and two child molestation charges.
Police were called to the residence on July 20 for a disturbance call. At that time, a 12-year-old victim gave a statement alleging sexual abuse by Hendricks.
On Aug. 8, the victim and her father gave a statement to a caseworker at Synergy Services. The victim indicated that she met Hendricks while visiting a boyfriend who was living with Hendricks. The victim said in the statement that she went to visit the friend, who was not at home, but was invited in by Hendricks. At the time Hendricks’ wife was not at home, but his two daughters ages 1 and 2 were present and some sexual acts were performed in front of the children.
The report then says the incident was broken up by the friend of the victim arriving home, and an argument broke out between Hendricks and the friend.
Five days later the report says that Hendricks took the victim to an old burned out cabin in the woods where more sexual contact was made. The victim stated in the report that she told Hendricks that she was 13-years-old even though she had not yet turned 13.
According to the affidavit of probable cause, police investigated the cabin and took photos. At the scene, a condom was recovered that was reportedly worn by Hendricks. Police showed the photos to the victim, which were identified as the correct location and condom.
Police then interviewed the friend of the victim. The friend confirmed the report of the victim, and added that Hendricks and his wife got in a heated exchange because it took Hendricks and the victim an hour and a half to walk a couple of blocks.
The friend also said that Hendricks confirmed the incident by saying, “that (derogatory term) wanted it,” after he was released from jail.
Hendrick’s next court date is Jan. 7, 2009. Hendricks has pled not guilty to all charges.

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