Henrietta should be more prepared for snow next time around

Snow removal was an issue last week for the city of Henrietta but things should improve next time around.
Broken equipment and vehicles were to blame for lack of road care after a snowstorm hit last Tuesday. The city’s salt spreader was not working but has since been fixed. Additionally, the motor in the snow removal blade was completely blown out because water had got into the lines of the motor, according to Alderman Bob Duncan.
City Clerk Margie Long said the city would go through more salt than expected because the current pallet of salt is fine.
“We’re going to go through tons of it as fine as it is,” Long told the Board of Aldermen on Saturday.
Duncan said it was not discovered that there was a problem with the snow removal equipment until the night before the storm hit. Water was able to get into the snow blade engine because all of the city’s vehicles and equipment is exposed to the elements.
Mayor Hiram Todd said plans to build a shelter for the vehicles and equipment had to be put on hold last year.
“We had money in the budget last year, but things got tight and we just didn’t have the money to do it,” Todd said.
Long said there is a possibility the city could get something constructed in 2009 using the city’s capitol improvement fund. The board also approved fixing the snow blade motor.
In other actions:
Henrietta residents will experience an increase in their sewer bills beginning next month. The board approved the rate hike. The city’s sewer service is provided by the city of Richmond. The rate increase reflects an increase that Richmond made last April in addition to an already approved rate hike this April.
The city also repealed an old ordinance concerning the process of tabling issues.
The city also approved the use of a signature stamp on city court records.
In addition to electing a mayor, four aldermen at large and a city collector, the city will also have a ballot issue to raise the property tax for fire protection. The increase would be $0.30 on $100 of assessed value with a maximum tax of $1. Richmond Rural Fire provides Henrietta’s fire protection.

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