Wife of football coach breaks the game down in simple terms for moms

“If anyone should know football, it’s mom! She lives it everyday!”
That’s a quote from Kerra Bowers’ new book, “Pocketbook Coach for Moms: Football.” Bowers has written a book just for moms, explaining football in a fun and interactive way, and it is in a compact book that a mom can take with her to the games.
The book has quite a bit of humor. It’s simply enjoyable to read. Describing the way that moms “live’ football everyday has every football mother nodding, from the “offense” she handles (trying to get things done versus trying to prevent problems), to how life and a game are common. A football team typically has one game a week, but a mom’s game lasts for 16-18 hours.
So, imagine being married to a coach for 20 years and having three sons, and not knowing the ins and outs of the game. Kerra is married to Rob Bowers, head coach for the Richmond Spartans. Her three sons are playing the game.
“Football is a second language,” said Bowers. “My family started talking football and they said it was no longer okay for the coach’s wife to not speak ‘football.’”
Describing her metamorphosis from ‘clueless’ to really learning it, Bowers said, “When Colby became a freshman, that’s when I really had to crack down. I like watching him be in his niche. I studied. I got books, went to web sites and did research. I had Stan Kee, legendary coach from Carrollton and Scott Summers proof for me. I asked Rob questions to be sure I was understanding it. He gave me a man’s answer – I wanted this from a mom’s perspective! Men want to know ‘when’ and ‘where.’ Moms want to know ‘why?”
Bowers said she ‘thought about the book for six months.’ She originally intended to do a simple set of flash cards. “But football isn’t simple,” she said. “The teacher in me came out and I had to break it down to level. I realized there was a real niche as a sports tutor for rookies.” It took her about nine months to write.
It wasn’t just football that Bowers took into consideration. Having taught for 13 years and being a former at-risk counselor, she understands children and their various stages of development. She knows the issues children and families face.
“In the 1990s, one out of three children were born to single moms. About a third of marriages end in divorce. I saw a potential way to bring moms and sons together. That’s why the book is in flash card format. It has dry erase areas so your son can show you what his play is and why a play didn’t work, or did.”
As passionate as one can be on the subject of high school football, Bowers goes into the benefits of the game and being part of a team.
“Why do we have gangs? Because, kids need a place to belong. That’s why school spirit is so important. Students that have school pride have fewer drug problems and grade problems. We need to provide memorable experiences rather than trinkets,” said Bowers. “There are so many life lessons in football. Positions change week to week. If your son isn’t playing, ask him why he isn’t.
“Football is unique. It’s the only sport I can see where they truly appreciate differences, build each other up, protect each other – literally – even if they don’t like each other. It’s the closest simulation to combat. There’s a place for almost every boy because there’s a place for almost every talent. It takes such a variety of skills and talents to use on a football team and to contribute to success.”
This endeavor has been spiritual too. That has been a blessed realization to Bowers.
“God has put people in line to tell me what the next step is,” she said. “I know He already knows what’s happening next and I can’t waste time worrying about it.”
Inspirational quotes and motivations are included throughout the book, as is information regarding referees, volunteers and a complete description of the game from the field and its various parts to the offense, the defense, who the players are and what they do, to the hand signals of the referees and what the flags mean. Tough love and ‘Taking Care of My Baby,” from a mom (concerned about her son) to a coach. There’s even a section containing advice from coaches and veteran football moms.
Bowers’ book has already received recognition. She appeared on Metro Youth Sports, doing five segments for Natalie Moultrie, targeting youth high school sports.
“It brings moms and sons together and it brings teams together,” Bowers continued. “One of the best early moments into this was when Colby was talking about some offensive strategy and I said, ‘In the 5-2 defense…’ and the expression on his face was priceless! This is why you need this book!”
The book, “Pocketbook Coach for Moms: Football,” can be ordered online at To ask questions, or for purchasing the book to use as a fundraiser for your organization, contact Kerra Bowers at, or phone 816-419-5853.

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