Commissioners will roll out Web site soon

Those wishing to read the minutes of the Ray County Commissioner’s meetings will be able to do so via their Web site that should be running by the end of this week, according to Commissioner Allen Dale.
“The site will have the minutes of the meetings, what we discussed, how we voted and why,” Dale said.
“People want to know what we’re doing and deserve to know. There are going to be hot button things that come up and they don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. They don’t know why we vote the way we do, but this way they’ll be able to.”
Dale said the Web site has been in existence for a while. It was originally the Web site he set up for readers prior to the election.
“I’d already set it up and it doesn’t cost a lot, so we’re just converting it over to carry the county commissioner minutes and information,” Dale said.
Owen Perks has been working on the site. His background in working with the county and the sheriff’s office will be of value as he keeps the site updated.
The Web site will only carry information regarding the county commissioners. When the site is ready, Dale said he will announce its address and looks forward to community feedback as it develops.

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