Repairs on Lexington may have to wait

Street repairs on Lexington Street scheduled to begin sometime before spring may have to wait.
Originally the Richmond City Council approved spending $13,500 on a new sewer and stormwater drainage system to alleviate flooding in front of the Dollar General store.
New engineering documents show that repairs will be more extensive than originally thought, thus driving up the price tag to more than $30,000.
City Administrator Rick Childers said the city has engineering plans with the project and those plans need to be used.
“It’s not an all or nothing deal. It’s a do it right or don’t do it deal,” Childers said.
Other problems are popping up around the city, such as sewer line leaks and replacements adding to the delay.
City Councilman Scott Marshall said he doesn’t want to spend city funds on projects that are flawed or improperly constructed. Marshall said the Lexington issue is a direct result of a Wellington Street project that was not originally done correctly.
“I’m not disagreeing that we have tons of problems, but the ones we’re spending millions on aren’t being done right,” Marshall said.
City Finance Director Melanie Allwood said the city’s half-cent street tax fund is depleted, but there is a small amount left in the sewer fund.
The city will bid on project materials and then assess when the project will be completed. The city must get the project done this winter or wait until next summer because of spring rains.
“At some point, we’re going to have to do it in this fiscal year,” Marshall said.

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