Ray County Museum featured in online publication

The Ray County Museum was featured in the newsletter during October, complete with photos of many of the rooms and an article by Publisher Frank McMillan.
Richmond resident Sheila Bridges has developed a special place in her heart for the stately old museum and has told many of her friends about it. McMillan is one of those friends. “He was so taken with that museum,” she said. “When he was taking pictures of the rooms, he was on fire.”
Complimenting Karen Bush, museum curator, on how well she has kept him informed about the museum happenings, it was icing on the cake when McMillan took Bridges up on the invitation to visit and actually tour the museum.
“What a find! I can’t tell you how impressed I was,” McMillan continued. “It’s head and shoulders above anything out there! It tells a great story. I would never have dreamed it was there. It’s the best kept secret in town and in the area.”
Known in this area as “the Gem of Ray County,” the museum now takes its place on this Web site where many will see the information, appreciate the many photos and venture to Richmond to tour this magnificent building.
Having word about the museum spread is something Museum Curator Karen Bush is always pushing, and she is thrilled with the new publicity.
“Initially, Sheila brought him here just to browse. Lo, and behold he came back for an article and pictures for the newsletter!” She is particularly pleased that so many photos of the rooms appear on the web site.
“Someone’s really putting a strong effort into it (the museum), and should really be applauded,” McMillan said. “With two stories to tour and the utilities to pay, it’s biting off more like being a landlord. I hope strong efforts are made to keep it like it is.
Plans are in the works to place more signs and provide detailed information about the museum and its location. McMillan had a difficult time finding it and stopped to ask directions several times.
“Finally, I pulled over and waved a police officer down. He started giving me directions and he got confused, so he said he’d better jump in his car and take me there,” McMillan laughed.
The genealogy records were of particular interest to McMillan. He plans to return and spend some time going through the information there, as well as taking an even closer look at the individual rooms.
“We’ll do some more publicity in the spring when people feel like traveling. It’s very unique,” said McMillan. Newsletter is a guide to the history and natural resources of the Kansas City/St. Joseph and surrounding areas, totaling 22 counties. Currently, it has 279 museums and historical organizations listed. McMillan stated there is a current calendar of events. Since its creation three years ago, 184 web pages of information and photos have been completed. Check out for more information.

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