Jail debris wreaks havoc with sewer system

Remnants of an orange jumpsuit and other materials from the Ray County Jail are clogging things up in Henrietta.
The Ray County Commissioners already agreed to pay one bill for an orange jump suit that clogged up Henrietta’s sewer system earlier this year. The city sent the county the bill and they paid.
Just two weeks ago, more debris showed up in the system and completely shut down Henrietta’s sewer system. Again, a service company had to be called in. Ray County Commissioner Allen Dale said that he has spoken with some aldermen in Henrietta and said the county plans on paying the bill and any future bills the city may incur because of the jail sewage.
Dale said the county doesn’t have any money in the budget this year to do any major upgrades to the system, but said something should be worked into the 2009 budget.
“With the weather and everything I think that’s what we’re striving for,” he said.
Dale said the county has looked at a grinder but costs may be too expensive. He said another alternative would be to build a catch pit area. He said a pit seems more affordable.
“That looks like the most viable option that we’ve come across,” he said.
Henrietta Police Officer Chris George said that he believes items coming through the sewer system now are pieces of clothing, blankets and debris from the orange jumpsuit incident. However, he did say that it appears that pieces of clothing and items still show up from time to time as well.

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