Richmond man accused of rape

A Richmond man is being accused of raping his 13-year-old daughter.
Michael S. Crumble, 34, is charged with three felony counts stemming from an alleged incident at his home on Oct. 4.
Crumble is charged with first degree rape, first degree child molestation and a felony charge of incest.
Richmond police officers were alerted to Crumble’s residence on Oct. 16 by the victim.
According to the affidavit of probable cause, the victim told police about the details of the incident and was then taken to police headquarters. The victim was released to a family member. Less than a week later, the victim then gave a similar statement to caseworkers at Synergy Services.
On Oct. 29, Crumble spoke with investigators and admitted to the alledged incident about 20 minutes into the interview according to the statement. Crumble did not have an attorney present when he spoke to police.
Crumble told police that he had “fooled around,” with a friend of his daughter’s who was 19-years-old. Crumble said that once the friend left, he then proceeded to attack his daughter.
Crumble also said that he had been drinking and smoking marijuana with his daughter prior to the incident occuring.
Crumble was scheduled to be arraigned this morning. If convicted, Crumble could face anywhere from five years to life in prision.

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