Major benefit company warding against ID theft

One of the country’s largest plan benefit managers is now taking action against identity theft threats.
St. Louis-based Express Scripts announced last week that it had received a threatening letter containing the personal information of 75 clients, including their birthdates and social security numbers. The unknown person is threaten to expose millions of the companies client’s personal information, according its Web site, which is set up to answer questions about the threat.
The company announced on Wednesday that now some of the company’s clients are receiving threatening letters that they believe are related to the first threat.
Neither C & C Drug Store or Economy Health Mart reported any problems with ID problems and neither has received a letter.
The company said in a statement that the FBI has been contacted and an investigation is ongoing. Additionally, the company said that it is conducting its own investigation into the matter.
The company also announced this week that it would provide free identity restoration services if any client becomes victim of identity theft, provided by Kroll services of New York. Additionally, the company is offering a $1 million reward for any information relating to an arrest.
The company said that the information might have been hacked through computer systems.
In a statement the company said, “We believe we have identified where the data involved in this situation was stored in our systems, have instituted enhanced controls and are committed to fully understanding what happened.”
Express Scripts and other plan benefit mangers handle negotiations between pharmaceutical companies and insurance providers and their clients. PMBs work with insurance providers, pharmacist and companies who provide insurance.

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