Orrick teacher spends thousands clearing name

Last Thursday, Orrick City Council met and it was not just business as usual.
Educator Terry Callaway of Orrick met with the council regarding a very personal matter – that of his professional and private reputation.
Recently, Callaway was incorrectly identified as having an order of protection filed against him, which was printed in the Lawson Review. The order of protection was actually intended against his nephew, Terry Stapleton of Orrick.
As a teacher with the Lawson School District, Callaway said his professional life was placed in jeopardy if the order remained on his record. He also said that without the call made from Orrick city officials to the Lawson superintendent’s office, he would have been placed immediately on administrative leave until the matter was corrected.
Callaway told the council, through no fault of his own, he was suddenly faced with legal fees of nearly $3,000 and missed several days of work in order to correct the situation. He stated, that as an educator, if this remained on his record, he would not even be allowed an interview with another school district should he apply. In closing, Callaway asked the council to reimburse him for his legal fees and lost wages he incurred. He said as a life-long resident of Orrick, he did not wish to bring legal action against the city, but would do whatever necessary legally to take care of this situation. He asked the council how they would feel should they be placed in his situation when a simple check of verification would have prevented this situation from occurring. The council considered the matter in closed session after the public session was completed.
Orrick City Attorney Kevin Baldwin said the city would not reimburse Callaway because they were not at fault.
“The city and the police chief had nothing to do with it. It was a private action filed. No information was provided by our police department,” Baldwin said.
Baldwin said the order stemmed from a verbal argument at Fubbler’s Restaurant between two individuals. Orrick police were called to respond to the argument but declined to press charges. One of the parties insisted on a formal complaint, and Baldwin said Police Chief Troy Sims told them they could file an order of protection. The complainant came to the police department asking Sims for help with the paperwork. They also wanted Sims to supply private information about the other individual, but Sims refused. Baldwin said the complainant mistook Callaway for his nephew Stapleton. Ultimately, the order of protection was denied by the court, Baldwin said.
• In other news, the council discussed city policy for shutting off water to customers that do not pay their water bills by the due date. Mayor Shirley Taylor stated that she had been in contact with all of the nearby towns and their policies are all to shut off the meters and then reinstate them once the bill has been paid.
• Louis Lee Battagler addressed the council with an apology on behalf of the vintage car club, The Country Cruisers, for not obtaining permission from the city prior to blocking off the main street in Orrick for their Halloween Fun Run event. Mayor Taylor said that she had checked and legally this was fine as long as one entrance/exit to town remained open, which it had.
• Also on the agenda were reports from Police Chief Sims and Public Works Director Ed Sherwood.
Sims stated that they are in communication with Orrick School Superintendent Marcus Stucker and High School Principal Brock Dover in regards to the possibility of getting a DARE officer for the school.
Sims also reported that he had recently completed a Firearms Safety Course in Columbia and is now certified as an instructor.
• The council agreed to give city employees the day after Thanksgiving off.
• Also discussed was granting Westbrook & Co. to conduct a compilation audit for the 2005-2006 year.
• Jeanette Hensley read the Plot Plan Ordinance, which was voted on and approved by the council. It stated (in part):
l. That the Orrick, Missouri, City Code, Section 46, SHALL HEREBY BE AMENDED to include the following:
a. In all construction in the City of Orrick, Missouri, all set back provisions required by these ordinances shall be measured from a starting point that is the property line of the lot upon which the structure is to be built.
b. As of Jan. 1, 2009, and thereafter, individuals or others seeking to construct buildings within the City of Orrick, Missouri will be required to provide a “plot plan” setting forth the boundary lines, easements and right of ways for each lot upon which a building is to be constructed. Said “plot plan” shall be required for the issuance of a building permit for any structure that is to be of a permanent nature.
2. That any provision of any City Ordinance of Orrick in conflict with this ordinance SHALL HEREBY BE REPEALED.
3. This Ordinance shall become effective upon passage by the Counsel as to paragraph 1 (a) setting forth the starting point for measurement of the set back provisions; paragraph 1 (b) setting forth the need for a “plot plan” to be provided by individuals or others seeking to construct buildings in the City of Orrick shall become effective Jan. 1, 2009.
Those in attendance were: Aldermen Zoe Davis, Jim Eubank, Christie McGlothlin, City Attorney Kevin Baldwin, Director of Public Works Ed Sherwood, Police Chief Troy Sims, Mayor Shirley Taylor, and City Clerk Jeanette Hensley. Absent was Alderman Steve Tietsort.

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