Trials set for two of the three in April meth bust

Trial dates have been set for Lyle Schoolfield and co-defendant Michael Williams for allegedly manufacturing methamphetamine for distribution. Each is charged with six class B felonies of manufacturing a controlled substance and one count each of class D felony of attempt to distribute.
Schoolfield will have a jury trial beginning on Dec. 9, and is scheduled for two days. A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for Nov. 21, although no motions have been or are anticipated to be filed in the case.
Williams, who appeared in court this morning, waived his right to a jury trail and will have a bench trial that begins Dec. 22. That trial is also expected to last two days. A pretrial hearing is scheduled for Nov. 20, for Williams.
Williams and Schoolfield also face charges of receiving stolen property that will be tried with the other charges.
Ray County Prosecutor James Thompson asked that a trial for Williams be set to the next calendar year, however 8th Circuit Court Judge Kevin Walden said not as much work is needed for Williams’ case since he waived a jury trial.
Walden requested that all motions in the case be filed by Nov. 13.
A third defendant, Vanessa Whelchel, also made an apperance in court today .
A trial date for Whelchel was not set but she is set to return to court on Nov. 21, where it is anticipated a trial date for sometime next spring will be set.
Walden also granted a bond reduction for Whelchel from $50,000 to $25,000 with a 10 percent allowed.
Thompson said he had no objections because he didn’t believe Whelchel was a flight risk.
“We’re hopeful she will stay on her bond conditions,” Thompson said. “That’s our only concern.”
A family member of Whelchel’s posted a $5,000 bond for her. $2,500 will be returned to the family member.

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