Richmond changes sign regulations

Businesses and organizations wanting to put up new signs have some new regulations to look at first.
The Richmond City Council adopted new ordinances Wednesday night that regulate the size and number of signs a business or church can have.
The Richmond Planning and Zoning Commission held two public hearings about the matter this month with the latest Tuesday night.
After hearing from residents on Tuesday, Community Development Director Lisa Hastings said the Commissioners voted to allow only two ground signs per church, totaling not more than 50 square feet.
Institutional and governmental signs, park signs and playground signs cannot total more than 100 square feet.
In addition, no direct light shall be cast upon any residential property from sign illumination for any of the above named signs.
The ordinance also contains provisions for garage sale signs. The council already approved a fine of $25 for every garage sale sign that is not removed by the end of the last day of the sale.
Now, no more than five signs may be posted for garage sales and they cannot be any larger than 2 by 3 feet. Signs cannot be placed on utility poles, street and traffic signs or posts, or on private property without the owner’s permission. Signs will also be restricted to a minimum of 10 feet back from the pavement.
The ordinance addresses awnings and building signs as well.
Awnings may not project more than 4 feet from the building and must have at least an 8 feet clearance. A project-sign shall not exceed 6 square feet and also have an 8 feet clearance.
Ground signs may be supported by poles or posts, but may not exceed a height of 10 feet from the prevailing grade or 10 feet in length. Setbacks for the signs are at least 15 feet.
Freestanding signs must have a bottom level of at least 8 feet from the ground and cannot exceed 200 square feet.
Hastings said businesses or organizations that have signs that do not fit the regulations are grandfathered in and will not have to comply.
Councilman Tom Williams voted no.

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