Was it always like this?

Being a politician must be easy. All you have to do to get elected to office is to travel around the necessary area and make speeches. It doesn’t seem to make much difference what you say. People seem to hear what they want to hear. For the most part, it could all be ignored.
I do not mean to be disrespectful to these people. If they get their feelings hurt maybe they will change, but I doubt that will happen. Maybe it is because the truth is many times distasteful. Sometimes the truth is difficult to know. Or is it that you make up what it is you will say on a given situation? I must admit that people running for office was not my first priority as I grew to adulthood. As an adult, the process of earning a living and having a family of my own took most of whatever intelligence I possessed. It was much later in life I realized that those elected to government had more effect on my life than I was aware.
This sudden awareness made me start to look at what our elected employees do. One thing I learned was that longevity in office tended to increase the office holder’s confidence in how much they knew and how much of it was undeniably true. Many come to the realization that whatever their decision, it is right. At that point, they become unreachable by the public. Most of these people only worry about re-election.
At this point, they become an institution unto their ego.
Truth seems to be very liberally abused during election periods. Most campaigns begin very mildly. The speeches tend to stress the goals and qualities of the individual. Even during this period truth often takes a beating. As more candidates enter the oratory contests, the atmosphere becomes clouded with many different versions of the truth. When the oratory becomes more personal the truth becomes even more abused. As one candidate makes a comment in relation to the opponent, a refutation is quickly forthcoming. This too is almost sure to be untruthful in some way. I fail to understand this way of trying to sell one’s self to the public. I would think that truth would sway opinion more than trying to stretch the truth.
In another area the abuse of truth hurts the public in a much more direct way. The people we have already elected to office are as bad as or worse than the ones running for office. Their less than truthfulness about what they are doing or have done can be very damaging. For instance, the recent “bailout” that was supposed to help what is called people on “Main Street.” (Main Street being a euphemism for the poor smuck caught up in the mortgage scam). The public is being led to believe that the $700 billion bailout will not allow CEO’s to avail themselves of the usual golden parachute deals. For those who have taken time to peruse the actual plan as it was signed by the President, the loop holes present are more than large enough to drive a steam engine through. Some of the recipients of the bailout largesse readily admit that they do not really need this help. So far, I have not heard of any that have turned down the ready cash. The bailout looks to be more of a handout to the moneychangers than a hand up to the people of Main Street.
The only truth heard was when the Secretary of the Treasury made the first plan to save us from financial destruction. This proposal was that Secretary Paulson be given $700 billion to do with as he saw fit to cure the looming disaster. This was not enough. In his written proposal was the demand that his use of this money could not be questioned or in any way be adjudicated by anyone of any court. When asked why this should be, his answer was in the interest of swift action he must have full control. Was this an honest effort in the best interests of the country or another “in your face” move for total control of government? Has the real truth been given to the public as to the real need for the bailout of the financial institutions? It seems apparent that once again truth has been left out of the situation as we are asked to believe what our elected employees tell us.
What they think, we will believe. The odds are not in our favor, but do we have any choice but to keep going forward?

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