Orrick adopts standard measurement

Wednesday evening, Oct. 15, the Orrick City Council met briefly to discuss a change in their ordinance in regards to the manner in which a Set Point Property line is determined.
Prior to the City Council meeting, the exact way in which Set Points (the location where a building can actually be built on an individual’s property) had been somewhat unclear.
Recently there had been some conflict between an individual property owner and the placement of a building he is constructing. With the passage of the ordinance, it was determined that an individual is to measure from his property line to determine the placement of the structure being constructed. Mayor Shirley Taylor said that the measurements provided by E.J. Foster appear to be correct, unless the resident can prove the property line Foster measured from is not correct.
The ordinance reads as follows:
In all construction in the city of Orrick, Mo., all setback provisions required by these ordinances shall be measured from a starting point that is the property line of the lot upon which the structure is to be built.
Councilman Jim Eubank stated that in the old Orrick Township surveys it was sometimes unclear as to where an individual’s property line actually stood. In a vote of 3-0, the Council voted to accept this in ordinance. Also present were Alderwoman Christie McGlothlin and Alderman Steve Tietsort. Alderwoman Zoe Davis was not present. Also in attendance were Police Chief Troy Sims, City Clerk Jeanette Hensley, and City Attorney Kevin Baldwin.

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