Some Missouri lawmakers get failing grade from think tank

The Center for Security Policy released its eighth report on “Champions of National Security.” The group began grading Congress members on how they vote on issues that deal with national security.
Former Reagan Defense Department official Frank Gaffney Jr. formed the non-profit group in 1988. The group claims to be non-partisan, but Gaffney denounces Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama on the front page of the group’s Web site.
The grade card the group released was based on how lawmakers voted on 24 issues in the House of Representatives and 23 votes in the Senate. The group’s press release says the votes focused on “a view to illuminating legislators’ positions in key foreign, defense and intelligence matters of direct relevance to America’s safety, sovereignty and freedoms.”
Republican Congressman Roy Blunt and Republican Sen. Kit Bond were the only Missouri lawmakers that scored 100 percent on the group’s grade card. Republican Congressman Kenny Hulshof, who is running for governor scored 92 percent.
Democratic Congressman Ike Skelton scored 29 percent on the card while fellow Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill scored a little bit higher with 33 percent.
The number of yes votes that agree with the Center for Security Policy calculates the percentage.
Skelton, who serves as the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, could not be reached by phone but did release a statement to The Daily News in defense of his record in dealing with national security.
“Throughout my career, I have consistently worked to support America’s national defense and our men and women in uniform, and I am proud of that record,” Skelton said.
Sen. McCaskill’s Press Secretary Maria Speiser said claims of non-partisainship are false by just looking at the grade card.
“Bottom line is that Claire has a strong record on national security from the moment she arrived in Washington,” she said. “This organization may claim to be non-partisan but such a claim is hardly credible.”

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