Lexington man facing charges statewide for exploitation

A Lexington man who is charged with two separate instances of exploiting the elderly in Ray County is also facing charges in several other counties for similar crimes.
The Daily News reported last month that Andrew K. Huffman, 18, had been charged in Chariton County for exploiting an elderly couple, and now Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd has filed similar charges against Huffman.
According to the statement of probable cause, Huffman cut down a tree and did some other work around an elderly Kansas City woman’s house in February of 2007. The statement says Huffman charged the victim $9,600 for the work. The victim wrote a check to Huffman. Along with the cashed check was a photo ID of Huffman.
According to the statement, Huffman was not questioned at the time because he was a minor. The report says Huffman has been identified as a habitual offender.
The report says the victim spoke with her family after the incident and called T.J. Tree Service to give an estimate of what the work Huffman performed would cost. The tree service indicated that it would cost about $1,000 to complete the job. As for the other work, Huffman was also supposed to remove and replace insulation in the victim’s attic. The statement says the victim’s son went into the attic and reported that none of the insulation had been removed.
Last month, Huffman was released from the Ray County Jail on a $25,000 cash bond. Huffman is scheduled to appear in Ray County Court next Tuesday.
Chariton and Platte counties have issued a summons to Huffman. Huffman is also scheduled to appear in Platte county next Tuesday as well.
A tree trimming service owned by Huffman’s uncle Bobby Joe Wilson, had its business license revoked by the City of Richmond last month after Wilson admitted to police that he knew about Huffman’s tactics against the elderly. Wilson was scheduled to appear before the Richmond City Council last month for a hearing but did not show up.

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