Two to choose from; make a choice

One freedom we still have available to us is the freedom to vote. Too many seem to take this right lightly. It is not, to some, a valuable commodity. Free speech, however, is often overworked. In fact, this may be a prime example.
In a few weeks, our citizens will be able to exercise our one control over government we still have. We will have the right and duty to choose the person to be President of these “United States.” The quotes are mine to make this point. United used to mean together in our efforts. I am not sure this is true today. The political divisions among us has created a great divide. We do not elect people to office on the basis of their doing what is best for the people as a whole body. Compromise has become better heard than seen in action. Rational discussion between legislators is colored by personal beliefs rather than listening to divergent viewpoints. Partisanship has become the guiding light. Re-election is the most important goal to be reached before anything else.
For over two years, the country has been subjected to continuous political ads, speeches and appearances of candidates running for various offices. Now we are down to two presidential candidates who bombard us daily with their efforts to convince us which one to vote into office.
On the one hand, we have John McCain. On the other, we have Barack Obama. It is not my intent to point favorably or unfavorably at either candidate.
Starting with the premise that both are honest and honorable men, we must choose which one is felt to be the best to hold the office. John McCain, a Vietnam war veteran and former POW, has been a senator in our government for over 30 years. He is a graduate of the Naval Acamdmy. He is twice married with a number of children. He is, by his own description, a maverick. What that means exactly could use some defining. His call to office is that he has experience. He has stated that he has been involved in every foreign policy decision during his tenure. He has commented that he is not an economist. What that means, I leave to your imagination. The primary argument for his election as president is that having been involved in government at the senatorial level and his knowledge and experience makes him the best candidate for election.
Barack Obama is the candidate from the other party. He is also a senator in the present Congress. He has not as yet served a full six year term in that office. He is well educated, having graduated from an Ivy League university. His background in politics is in Chicago politics and as a member of the Illinois state Legislature. He is young, married with two daughters and a gift of public speaking. Just as Sen. McCain, Sen. Obama has spent much effort and money in gaining the nominations of their respective parties.
The above is a very brief synopsis of each candidate. It is up to the voter to gather the necessary information by which to make a decision on which you wish to cast your vote. Each candidate is a member of a political party. Each party has a philosophy that they contend helps them fashion the type of government they will bring forward. Over the past decade this country has been operated by one party’s philosophy. Previous to that time, the other party with its philosophy was in control. Those of us who have lived through these years have memories by which to judge. Some must judge by only what by they have seen and heard.
It is being said that this election is of the greatest importance. The recent economic failure of our financial institutions along with the continuing wars our country is involved in will call for many momentous decisions from our President. Will that person making those decisions do so from someone young without the baggage of the past, or will they come from someone with many years in one branch of government and the “wisdom” of years of service? We the people must choose, there is no turning back once the decision has been made! May God bless our country and lead all of us to make the right decision.

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