City will invest thousands of dollars on overlays in next year

The first major use on roads of the half-cent sales tax began on Friday morning when crews from Metro Asphalt rolled into town, closing off all of the downtown revitalization area except for Main Street that had a new inch of overlay added to it two weeks ago.
The project will cost the city about $104,000, which is considerably less than what was expected from earlier estimates of about $182,000.
The project was not included in the downtown revitalization project because the city received misinformation according to City Administrator Rick Childers.
At a Public Works Committee meeting on Tuesday, council members discussed other streets that need to be included in the overlay projects for this year.
Earlier this summer, and through last month, the city was soliciting responses from residents about which roads they would like to see done.
According to Childers, the city received a good number of responses.
The city will also hold a special meeting with residents and engineers who are working on a storm water plan for the city.
The city plans on the meeting taking place on Oct. 21, but a time has not been determined. Childers said he would like the meeting to actually take place out in the field where the actual work will take place, however, daylight hours may be a challenge. The meeting may have to take place indoors.
“The times that are available it might be too dark,” said Councilman Scott Marshall.
Costs for the Lexington Street stormwater project may be more than expected. The council voted to allow Childers to spend no more than $13,500.
Engineering plans call for some modifications to the orginal plan that calls for more stormwater boxes.
Streets on the Overlay Program:
N. Main from Camden through the Shaw intersection
N. Shaw from N. Main to Main
College from N. Main to Summit
Thornton from one block north of N. Main to Franklin
Summit from Camden to Thornton
Royle from Camden to Thornton
Franklin from Whitmer to Wellington
Whitmer from Lexington to Main
Williams from T Highway to south end
Stratton from Williams to Whitmer
McKinley from Wilson to Garner
Rothrock from Dean to Shaw
Photo: Construction crews for Metro Asphalt began work on the overlay project for the downtown revitalization project before the crack of dawn on Friday morning.
City council members on Wednesday night approved spending to not exceed $230,000.
Costs for the overlay of downtown are about $105,000, leaving more than $125,000 for other roads.
The projects are being paid for out of the half-cent sales tax.
(Photo by Dennis Sharkey/The Daily News)

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