Kepple gives energizing speech

Out-going Richmond Chamber of Commerce President Roger Kepple gave a speech Tuesday night, at the yearly banquet, that was meant to rally the troops.
The theme chosen for 2008-2009 by incoming President Scott Marshall is “Choose Richmond.” Kepple spoke to just that.
“Let me tell you how important this theme is to you,” Kepple said, speaking to a crowd of about 100 business owners. “Times are changing. Events are changing. We all hear about the trickle-down effect. We’re going to have a trickle down in Richmond.”
Kepple stressed that the business community in Richmond needed to work together through tough economic times that are ahead.
Kepple warned of shopping out of the county and at box stores. He said when shoppers do that, they hurt an already struggling tax base.
“Everytime you shop outside of Richmond and Ray County, you’re hurting Richmond,” he said. “We must choose Richmond economically. No one wins except the big guys.”
Photo: City and business leaders enjoy an evening out, at the 40th Annual Richmond Chamber of Commerce Banquet Tuesday night at Jeffrey Kyle’s Grill & Buffet. From left, Richmond Fire Chief Lonnie Quick, 36th District Rep. Bob Nance, R-Excelsior Springs, and his wife Sally, and new Chamber President Scott Marshall. (Photo by Dennis Sharkey/The Daily News)

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