Who is up for bankruptcy?

Taking the route of bankruptcy is a very sad undertaking. Too many of our citizens are going down that road today. While the upper one percent was raking in the fruits of the 2000 tax cuts the working stiff was finding it difficult if not impossible to make ends meet. What was once having a little left over after the bills were paid is now a case of hoping there is enough to put food on the table.
I am happy to say that until now I have been able to stay afloat. How much longer is anybody’s guess? It must be extremely difficult to have to face the fact that you can no longer support yourself. It is much worse to realize your government, that was supposed to look out for your welfare, has a hand in redistributing the wealth of the country. Was it a conscious decision to take your dollars and give them to someone else? The cuts that benefited the wealthy were the most apparent step in this redistribution, our wonderful elected employees got into the act. They passed laws making filing for bankruptcy more difficult. The next step was to loosen controls on banks and lending institutions. That did not have to be bad. As most humans do, they felt they must take advantage of the opportunity. The opportunity to help themselves.
The cost of living for the working person went up while his paycheck either disappeared or did not keep pace with the advancing cost of living. Once again our elected employees came to the aid of the working poor. The elderly and elderly who had no health insurance was given Medicare Part D. The program was/is a boon to those who were unable to pay for drug coverage. That was a good thing. However, it was not going to make it possible for the insurance people (they wrote the Part D program) to clear enough profit. In order to correct this, a few clauses were written into the program. To make it simple these rules gave complete control of the program, including denying the government the right to negotiate for lower prices for medicines. In fact, there is no legal way for the government to exercise any control over the program. The program and the cost to the consumer is in the hands of the insurers and the drug manufacturers. With the price of medicine in the hands of the makers, their profits continue to rise while the paycheck of the working person is being eroded more and more by the prices he/she must pay for health care.
An interesting article was in the Kansas City Star financial magazine. It was written by a member of a firm in the K.C. area. His argument was that because most overseas countries have some form of state controlled medical systems they were able to keep their drug prices low. The companies of “Big Pharma.” who manufacture the medicines must keep the prices high for us so as to be able to earn enough profits to stay in business. He argued that if those profits are diminished they would be forced to stop research and development of new drugs. The argument rings hollow when you see that their profits grew by double digit percentages in the very first year of Medicare Part D. Those profits have continued to increase every year since. Perhaps someone should tell them that most basic research is paid for and performed by government laboratories.
Most of us do not want to have the government controlling another facet of our lives. There seems to be only two ways to go. The pharmaceutical companies must be regulated or we submit to universal healthcare controlled by government. If it could be as efficient as Medicare it might not be so bad.

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