Other counties seek man for exploitation of the elderly

A Lexington man who is accused of exploiting an elderly couple in Richmond is now wanted in Chariton County for the same charges.
On Sept. 16, Chariton County Prosecutor Renae Ehler filed the class B felony charges against Huffman.
A summons has been issued but court records indicate that the summons was returned because of a wrong address.
Huffman had been in the Ray County Jail until Tuesday, but posted bond in the amont of $25,000.
It is the second time in just over a month Huffman has posted bond for exploitation of the elderly. Huffman was awaiting arraignment when he was picked up last month for allegedly doing the same thing again.
Huffman is also under investigation in Jackson County for similar incidents.
Huffman is accused of taking $2,250 from a man in Chariton County to fix and patch a large hole in the man’s driveway.
The Richmond City Council revoked the business license of Huffman’s nephew, Bobby Joe Wilson, earlier this month. Wilson appealed the ruling but did not show for a hearing Wednesday night.
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