The takeover is almost complete

King George is about to be crowned. The effort to take over the Treasury of this country is almost complete. The failure of this country’s financial institutions and the pending uncontrolled takeover by this administration will be the crowning achievement.
When the impending $700 billion purchase of what are called bad debts by our government is consummated under the plan that is now under discussion, then the rich have won their long struggle to divide the country into to two civilizations. The middle class will disappear and there will only be the very rich and the very poor. When you take a close look at the situation, maybe it was not such a long struggle. It only took eight years of this administration to accomplish the financial destruction of the government’s ability to support itself.
These three things – all attributable to this administration – brought about our present troubles. The first was the unnecessary war in Iraq that has cost billions of dollars. The second was the removal of cabinet and department heads to be replaced by loyalists that did what the administration desired. They let their departments run amok while they systematically removed those employees that disagreed with their operation. Third, they encouraged the deregulation of the financial mavens to the extent that they milked the system and the taxpayers legally and immorally. Now as the system is about to fall, of the weight of its own excessive bad deals, they propose to give these same people a buyout to keep them from going broke. All this is to be controlled by one man. The man appointed as the nation’s banker, by this President, is to be given complete control of $700 billion to spend as he sees fit. Seems much like putting the fox in the chicken coop.
The current government in Washington is that the Democrat party is now in control of the U.S. Congress. Even with a small majority, the other party has been able to stymie and stop a large percentage of the efforts to pass legislation that could have brought about changes in the situation. It has never been good for one party to have total control of the law-making parts of our government. Too much power creates the desire for total power. This administration, with the help of a same party Congress, has almost achieved total power.
This has all been done with taxpayer money – YOURS AND MINE. Can we stop it now? It is doubtful. Hope springs eternal in the hearts of the pure. Are there any left?

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