Henrietta changes water billing

With problems surrounding the general fund, Henrietta has changed its water billing policy to help reign in past due bills.
City Clerk Margie Long said that some water bills are more than two months old before the water is finally shut off. She said some renters skip town without paying the bill and deposits are not enough to cover the costs.
Long also said one landlord sent a letter to the city saying that they would not be responsible for tenants who leave without paying their water bills. She said changes to help residents, who have trouble paying their bills, have not helped. She said her list of habitual shut offs has not changed.
“It’s leaving us with too much debt that is not paid,” Long said. “We changed it to help social security people, but it didn’t really help because my list is still the same one. I have lots of them that are at $60 and they don’t care.”
Under the current system, once a meter is shut off it costs $20 to reconnect and $40 the second time. A third shut off results in a

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