Two dogs and a cat ready to become part of a household

The following descriptions are furnished first-hand by a volunteer for the Humane Society of Ray County. Gloria McFadden has met all the animals she describes, then photographs them and sends the pictures and descriptions to the newspaper.

(Right): “Delilah is a sweet friendly girl.  We think she is about 2 years old.  She is a black and white  bird



dog mix.  She weighs 47 pounds. She was found with two puppies.  Although neither of her puppies looked at all like her, she definitely had been nursing puppies.  Both of Delilah’s puppies have been weaned and have been adopted. Delilah is a calm, well-mannered dog. I think she will make a good family dog.”

“Rainbow is a female calico youngster. She was born about November 2013. She is mostly white with a little orange and black.  When I went to take her picture, another volunteer was holding her.  The volunteer told me, ‘She is a really sweet cat.’  And I do agree.  She wandered around a bit while I took some pictures of her.  Then I picked her up and she began to purr.  Yes, she is a really sweet cat.”

“Maggie is a stray that was turned in to HSRC.  She is a Labrabor retriever mix.  She is mostly black except for some white on her chest.  She weighs about 45 pounds and is a bit too thin, I think.  She looks like she has had puppies.  She is about 2 years old, so probably born about June 2012.  She seems to me to be a very calm and gentle soul.  She has very good manners.  I sat down on the concrete to take her picture, which she allowed me to do, then got up and lay down beside me.  I think the person who adopts her will get a great dog.”
The Humane Society of Ray County has a selection of adoptable cats and dogs at its shelter. Adoption days are Saturdays and Sundays from 1-3 p.m. at 200 S. College St. (the old county jail). For info, call: Tammy at 660-232-1306 or Donna at 816-504-7843.
Adoption fees are $110 for dogs or $80 for cats, which includes spay/neutering, shots, tests and registered microchipping for dogs.

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