Jo’s Jottings: New sandwich shop on Square adds to my many dining options

By Jo Ellen Dale

I am delighted to say that I have found another good place to eat or get take out.  It is also an addition to the east side of the Square, formerly the John W. Carter Lodge.  A Carrollton meat market, Fresh Meats and More, has opened and has much more than just meats.  They serve sandwiches with side dishes and also do catering. I sampled the pimiento cheese and found it to be very tasty.
Unfortunately today I somehow lost one of the magnetic sides for my Miche purse.  I did retrace my steps looking for it but to no avail.  it is cream colored with a black stripe in the middle and if you run across it I would greatly appreciate having it back. This item has a happy ending.  Billy Leach found my magnetic side in the parking lot of the golf club and they returned it to me today.  Many thanks, Bill.
Friday I got take out brisket from the John W. Carter  Lodge barbeque held in the parking lot next to their new site.  Their brisket is the best and I will enjoy it for supper.  At noon I attended the Rotary Club meeting at The 19th Hole.  There was no program so again plans for the Reverse Raffle were discussed as it was held the next evening (and was apparently a big success). I did provide some amusement as my grandson kept texting me in the middle of the meeting and my cell phone ring tone is loud.
Saturday I had lunch at The 19th Hole and there were several golfers out on the course.  It was a bright, sunny day although I noticed that some of the players even had ear muffs.  The wind was a bit chilly.  After lunch I went to the Veterans Memorial Building to look at some of the items to be auctioned at the Reverse Raffle later in the evening.  The event was a sell-out with more than 300 individuals attending. It is for a good cause, our community charities, so, of course, I wished them success.
Sunday the men at my church, United Christian Presbyterian Church, served a chili and soup luncheon after the service and the soup was especially good, as were the desserts.  No wonder I am contemplating going on a diet (but not any time soon with all the opportunities for eating out).  In fact, Saturday I had a craving for some onion straws at the Oink and Moo restaurant so, of course, I could not resist.  If you haven’t tried them or their delicious barbecue sandwiches, you are missing something.

Monday I volunteered at the hospital desk as usual and had lunch in the cafeteria with my friend Bonnie McCalley.  The reuben sandwich was delicious, but something that should be eaten in privacy.  I must have used six napkins.

Friday, March 7 will be the first of the Lenten fish fries put on by the Knights of Columbus in the Veterans’ Building l and I always look forward to them.  Sad to say the St. Patrick’s Day luncheon put on annually at the United Christian Presbyterian church will not be held this year.  Something else to be looked forward to in March is the first day of Spring.
Until then, try to stay warm and keep sending,     DaleDbdale@aol.com

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