State Representative weighs in no-call law, Boeing offer

By Rep. Joe Don McGaugh

Nothing seems to be more annoying than to be actively involved with your daily life and be interrupted by the phone ringing only to find out it is an unsolicited phone call from a telemarketer.
I’ve found this to be occurring more and more frequently.  The Missouri’s No Call Law has been expanded to cover personal cell phones in addition to residential land lines.
Missourians may now register their cell phone numbers by going to or by phone at 1-866-662-2551.  Telemarketers that violate Missouri’s NO Call law by continuing to call residents who have registered their phone numbers are in jeopardy of facing legal action.  Complaints may also be filed at the Web site listed above.
There seems to still be a lot of talk and excitement about the general assembly’s decision to pass the Governor’s proposal on a bid to Boeing for the production of the new 777X commercial passenger jet.
Boeing already has $130 billion in orders and that apparently is just the start out of the gate. Boeing is the only significant US builder of such aircraft and its only competitor is Airbus, which is built in Europe.
These planes are being built and they are being built somewhere in the US. This is not a competition with any other employer in the state or even the country for that matter. If Missouri is chosen this could bring 6,000-8,000 high-paying new jobs to our state. Not to mention the additional jobs created by the several hundred thousand parts that will be made by other suppliers who will need to locate/expand in Missouri.
The Legislature needs to address tax credit reform but the reality is that Missouri needed to compete for this enormous opportunity.
Companies like Boeing do heavily factor in things like tax burden when deciding where to locate. Efforts to further reduce our tax burden would not only mean more money in the pockets of Missouri citizens, but would also lead to even more businesses wanting to set up shop and create jobs within our borders.
That is why we must continue to discuss the idea of lowering the tax burden here in Missouri. I hope the general assembly can address the idea again and consider the possibility of a tax cut during the 2014 legislative session.

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