Orrick seeks ordinance to help police disorderly conduct

By David Knopf/Richmond News

view a proposed ordinance that would help police charge individuals with crimes defined as disorderly conduct.

Police Chief Ray Dinwiddie presented a model ordinance to council members, suggesting it could be expanded as needed. The ordinance would lay out a variety of infractions that meet the criteria defined as disorderly conduct, Dinwiddie said, and then establish penalties.

Dinwiddie described the crimes in question as those that “recklessly or with disregard create a hazardous or physically offensive condition that serves no legitimate purpose for the victim.”

Dinwiddie listed 11 violations that could be included:

• Attempting to damage property of another;

• Prowling cars;

• Public drunkenness;

• Inciting riotous behavior;

• Failing to obey a lawful order by a police officer, firefighter or emergency medical personnel;

• Engaging in threatening behavior directed at a citizen or law enforcement officer;

• Using abusive or obscene language or making obscene gestures;

• Causing inconvenience to another by unreasonably and physically obstructing vehicle or pedestrian traffic;

• Panhandling.

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