Jo’s Jottings: Reunions, chance to learn about, Rotary, eat out 3 times in a day

By Jo Ellen Dale

The fourth annual O’Dell reunion was held on Sept. 22 at Maurice Roberts Park.  Those in attendance were Dorothy O’Dell, Peggy Sullard, Bob Russell, Thalia J. Russell, C.W. and Maxine Estabrooks, Arbie O’Dell, Virginia Hopkins, David and Rachel Thomas, Chelsea Dunwoodie, Dalton Dunwoodie, Marion and Wanda Sullard, Myla Cheney, Katrina, Maylee and Kylea Black, Bernita Carter, Jim and Nancy Nolker, Anabell Nolker, Maxine Wrisinger, Brian Wrisinger and Judy Wrisinger.  The weather was beautiful and good food, and fellowship was had by all.  Sounds like a happy event.
Lee Snelling and her daughter, Janie Williams flew to St. Mary’s, Ga. to visit great-grandchildren Savannah, Robert and Luceane.  They went to a Willow Creek Nature Preserve, where they saw and learned about many of Georgia’s native snakes and amphibians.  The baby alligator was a big hit.  Much of the time they hung around the pool and had a pizza party.  Of course they could not leave without seeing the ocean and walking along the beach.
On Friday at the regular Rotary Club meeting, Jean Greenlee presented a very interesting and well researched talk on the founding of Rotary International and the local club, as well as the Paul Harris Fellow Award. She mentioned that Paul Harris formed the first club in 1905 and the name indicated that the original members met in rotation at each one’s place of business.  The local club was chartered on May 8, 1923 and then in the early 1990s, with more women in prominent positions in the work force, Rotary International asked women to join.  Women were asked to join the local club as well.
I really outdid my record Saturday for eating out in one day.  In the morning I had a delicious breakfast at the St. John’s Church and enjoyed visiting with many friends.  For lunch I attended the grand opening of Oliphant’s Appliance Service, where they were serving hot dogs with all the trimmings, and that evening I attended the reunion of the RHS Class of 1968. I left early because I felt as if I was beginning to get a cold. Also attending the reunion were several teachers, former Principal Gene Whitmer and his wife, and two members of the class, Hank and Marilyn Hamann.  I visited with the Hamanns, George and Ruth Perch, Ardis Driskill and David Driskill.
And I was right about the virus.  Sunday I missed two events that I really wanted to attend.  In the afternoon a church picnic was held at the home of the Maxwells and I always enjoy this annual event.  Also in the afternoon the high school drama class was putting on “Plaza Suite,” a very interesting play by Neil Simon which I was told was very well done but poorly attended.  I know that everyone is busy but we really need to support our young people.
Sorry my column is so abbreviated this week but as I am still not feeling well I am not out and about as much.  I hope that I will hear from more of you next week. Enjoy the lovely weather.

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