Jo’s Jottings: On their 60th, the Karls thank everyone for contributing

By Jo Ellen Dale

Recently, Preach and Pauline Karl celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and they would like to thank everyone for the cards, flowers, phone calls, food and fellowship.  They wish to express special thanks to Ronnie Karl, Terri Butts, Florence and Jack Wallace, Elaine Pedockie, Sheryl Franklin, Jim Coleman, Kayla and Blaine, Vivian Karl, Beth and Ed Hughes, Pam and Steve Duncan and Mike, Kristy and Tucker and Brodie Karl.  They send love to all of you.
Thursday morning, I attended the RCMH Auxiliary meeting held at the hospital.  Program for the day was given by Krista Merrifield Traylor.  She taught for many years and on her retirement decided to use her experience in another, yet similar direction.  She tutors the many people of all ages who never earned a high school diploma and now wish to obtain their GED. It was surprising how many there are.  She cited several examples to show the range of students and their successes. Some must take the test more than once as it is very difficult, especially the math portion and writing the essay. After her talk she entertained questions.
I was happy that my son Chuck was able to come to see me and have lunch. We ate at the 19th Hole restaurant and he was able to see several friends and one classmate.  He was sorry that he couldn’t stay for the reunion of the Class of ‘73 as he had many friends in the class. I represented him there since that was the last class that I had as a full-time teacher.
I attended the reunion Saturday evening at the Shrine Club and the meal was catered by Nadlers and was plentiful and delicious. A large crowd turned out for the event but because of the lack of name tags, I was hard put to recognize some of them. It was a delight to see some of the other teachers of the class and especially ` and Mary Merrifield.  I would like to thank the class for inviting me and hope that I will be able to make it to the next one.
Sunday, I joined other members of the PEO sisterhood for a performance of the Ray County Arts Association’s  mega-musical “Nunsense.”  It was an afternoon of sheer delight. I hesitate to mention any one performer because they were all so perfect in their parts.  Everything about the production, the cast, the music, the orchestra, the direction, the choreography, the acting was impressive.  Much credit is also due to the production staff. I have said before that through the years I have observed more talent in our small town than could be found anywhere else in the country. Generations of it, in fact. Bravo and brava!
Also, over the weekend and next weekend Bill Greer, Camden-born artist extraordinaire, will display his work in the Friends Gallery behind the Farris Theatre. I urge you to take advantage of the opportunity to view his work.  I am in awe of anyone who can bring to life in oils any number of subjects.  As for myself, I can barely draw a straight line with a ruler.
Nancy Coleman and Sandy Burns left Sunday, Aug. 3 to work in the 4H building at the Missouri State Fair.  They also judge foods in the home economics building.  In the 4H building they help with the setting up of displays.  The items on display are the Grand Champions from the various counties.  Sandy and Gwen Gilbow took Sandy’s granddaughter, Ryan, down on Sunday and Allison went down on Saturday.  I remember how much fun the fair was when my late husband was a state representative and we were given a day at the fair.
I look forward to hearing from more of you next week – fair news, family reunions and trips, special events etc.


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